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Peyton’s long musical road to releasing his eponymous debut album ‘Peyton’ starts in a small town in North Carolina. Christopher Peyton was born to a travelling evangelist and preacher, one Wesley Peyton, and into a life much less ordinary. Reverend Wesley Peyton travelled the length and breadth of the country spreading the good word, bringing hope and love to a nation in need of spiritual guidance. The Reverend reached out to his adoring public and became one of the first radio and TV evangelists to take to the airwaves and reach a whole new audience of adoring souls waiting to be saved. Revivals ran over four or five days and climaxed with an ecstatic catharsis of frenzied faith. Peyton junior grew up in this incredible environment, a young boy with a renowned clerical father, every facet of his life lived to the letter of the Lord, a life filled with love and hope and spirituality. Growing up in the Christian fundamentalist Pentecostal church, it would have been easy for Peyton to have followed in his father’s footsteps, and for the first part of his life Peyton lived a very respectful and holy existence, singing in his father’s church - a life of gospel choirs, cassocks and happy clapping hallelujahs!

When Peyton was a young boy he moved with his family to Virginia where his father was offered the position of pastor at Reality Gospel Church, a charismatic interdenominational congregation with a thriving television ministry. Young Peyton became very involved in the day to day running of the church, working initially as the director of the children’s church, singing regularly for the Sunday morning services, and eventually working alongside his father’s ministry as the Minister of Music and choir director.

The fame and acclaim that Peyton’s father received must have left a lasting impression on young Peyton. As it is with fame and fortune, Reverend Peyton’s celebrity as a Pastor came and went. After growing frustrated with the self-righteousness and lack of compassion generally found in fundamentalist worship, he eventually formed a new church based on love and forgiveness which he called ‘Victory Fellowship Ministries’. This church used the scripture from the book of Isaiah as their mantra, which says “No weapon formed against thee shall prosper, and every tongue that rises against thee in judgement thou shalt condemn” (see lyrics for Keep The Faith). Throughout his early teens Peyton had seen the highs and lows that being put on a pedestal can bring. The Peyton family suffered some difficult times throughout the years of ministry, especially during the glory years at the height of Rev. Peyton’s success. However the Peytons stuck together through it all, and young Peyton stood behind his father knowing that he himself would one day need to ask for the same support.

Durante su visita Peyton disfruto aqui en santo domingo en un bar que dio su entrada, y visito muchos lugares en santo domingo, nos complacio el tenerle aqui disfrutando de la ciudad de santo domingo  y la Zona Colonial acompañado por Rodrigo Escobar, director de SOYGAYTU  y otros amigos allegados, su visita fue maravillosa y esperamos poder tenerle pronto aqui.

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