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KAZAKY en portada: los chicos en tacones!

Son los paladines de la movida trans, Kazaky son cuatro chicos ucranianos que pusieron piernas, pecho, tableta y tacón a la movida travesti de la primera década de siglo. Carisma, gracia y morbo, una fórmula que cosecha sus primeros frutos. Estos son, aquí están. Portada Dorian # 14

Kazaky is the modern phenomenon in music industry, outstanding nature of which comes not only from spectacular choreography and original sound but unique stage performance. Within short period of time Kazaky have made a big stir throughout internet owing to their showmanship.

Rise in popularity of the project can be explained by the rapidly growing internet accessibility that allows millions of ...people to choose their own heroes. Videos “In the middle” and “Love” have hit over 5 000 000 views from the excited YouTube generation and even now they keep getting thousands of views every day. Kazaky is the syndicate of 4 individuals: Oleg, Arthur, Kirill and Stas, who show incredible combination of man`s beauty, breathtaking plastique and magnificent charisma.

Kazaky`s first performance took place on MTV Birthday Party in Kiev and their debut music video "In the middle" hit in MTV rotation of many countries throughout the world.

Though their first single was released in the end of 2010, Kazaky managed to win the nomination "Breakthrough of the Year" on Myway Dance Awards 2010. Only during last few months Kazaky has received dozens of enthusiastic reviews from such international publications as New York Post, GQ, DNA magazine, Attitude, Dorian, Instinct, L'Officiel, Marie Claire, 10magazine.

Many fashion publishing, bloggers and trendsetters made special mention of Kazaky`s provocative style of sexual eclectic beauty of their hot bodies and the latest fashion trends incarnated in their image. Kazaky`s style can be characterized neither by a single word nor certain trend. The answer to the question “why” lies beyond the colorful image, supported by the respectable stylist Anna Osmekhina. Fancy fantasy, changing mood and improvisation are making their style today. Admiration for futuristic esthetics of Gareth Pugh, sports, disco and eccentric accessories are only little part of their visual ascension. No doubt that fashion in tandem with Kazaky aims for creating truly shocking appearance.

The boys are engaged in choreographing, writing and performing songs under guidance of the creative label "Firework Sound". Creativity is beyond any limits after all.

Kazaky is an amazingly alluring cult of dance, music, body, sexuality, fashion and provocation.
Kazaky is the next phase of the cultural progress

KAZAKY-Maniya started ...


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